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We’re not just another generic separation agreement generator. exists to help the men of our great state navigate the nuances of Virginia divorce while aiming to protect their rights! We take a highly customized approach to a service too often treated as a simple novelty. No canned separation agreements or fill-in-the-blanks madness here! We offer attorney quality documents at a DIY price.

We’ve reinvented the divorce process. Here’s what to expect:

• Get easy-to-digest information on separation and divorce in Virginia
• Easily build a separation agreement specifically tailored to the laws of Virginia
• Provided document list to complete your divorce … and more

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Why Create a Separation Agreement Online?

save time with a do-it-yourself separation agreement

Quick & Easy

Throw in a pizza and create your separation agreement before the timer beeps! Our do-it-yourself separation agreement wizard asks all the right questions to ensure your rights remain in-tact. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

save money with a do-it-yourself separation agreement


The average uncontested divorce can cost thousands, adding considerably to the stress of divorce. MensDIYDivorce was designed by an experienced attorney who believes that everyone should have access to fair and affordable representation.

protect your rights with a do-it-yourself separation agreement

Designed for YOU

If you’re a man going through separation and eventual divorce, you have a unique set of challenges before you. Men’s DIY Divorce is familiar with those challenges. When you’re finished, you’ll be sure of how to protect your rights and get a fair deal.

The Men's DIY Divorce Difference

Contested Divorce

  • 10k-15k on average, but can be much more
  • Each spouse will have to pay an attorney (yes, double the fees above!)
  • At the mercy of your attorney’s time
  • Significant stress with a long, drawn out battle

The premier online tool for separation agreements and divorce paperwork FOR MEN ONLY!

  • Quick, affordable, and easy-to-use self-generated documents for separation and instructional documentation on securing a fast Virginia divorce.
  • Fast online support ticket tool
  • One flat fee with NO hidden charges–ever!
  • Free revisions for 1 year
  • Receive your self-generated completed documents in MINUTES!
  • Detailed explanation for Virginia-specific filing instructions
  • Complete everything from comfort of your own home or computer
  • Free, vetted law firm referrals should you need the advice of a lawyer
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“Comparable” Platforms

  • NOT Virginia specific – every state gets the same generic agreement!
  • Take up to 3-5 days in some cases to receive final generated documents
  • Hidden fees for services
  • Quality of customer service varies
  • Most have no experience with separation and divorce
  • Flawed explanations of using divorce forms
  • Leave out small details that can cost you big money