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Don’t get suckered into an agreement that isn’t going to protect your rights in the state of Virginia! Our do-it-yourself separation agreement builder is specific to Virginia and highly customizable. We also provide a full document list to complete your divorce in Virginia!

  • Custody
    Do you have minor children? Here, you can specify your custody arrangement, both legal (joint or sole) and physical (primary or shared).*
  • Parenting Time
    When it comes to parenting time, we’ve got you covered no matter the custody arrangement. Easily include common schedules for major holidays and school breaks as well as add unlimited custom holidays.*
  • Child Support
    Enter the guideline or agreed upon child support amount and define a payment schedule.*
  • Medical & Dental Insurance and Expenses
    Which parent has agreed to maintain the medical insurance policy? How about dental? Is Medicaid involved? Pick your options – it is that easy.
  • Spousal Support
    Waive spousal support entirely, or if you’ve reached an agreement, include amount, duration, terms of modification (if any), payment schedule and more.*
  • Property & Equitable Distribution
    Do you have property and debt to divide? We’ll cover Real Property, like real estate and land, Personal Property, Motor Vehicles, Retirement Plans, Bank Accounts, and Debt. We even cover military retirement and business ownership!
  • Tax Filings & Exemptions
    What will your filing status be this year? Who will claim the child(ren), if any, in the future? Have you decided to claim the children on a split schedule? We’ve got you!
  • Personal Property Addendum
    Don’t leave anything to question! Create a list of your cherished possessions along with who will take possession.
  • File Your Divorce
    File your Virginia divorce with our in-depth divorce filing guide and full document list! Online divorce has never been easier.
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*Please note that Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support, and Spousal Support sections can also be reserved for a later date.